n   “Fragile Forest”
5 season
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Stacey Randol
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baile: "Fragile Forest"
Album: Fragile Forest - Single
esta temporada
“Fragile Forest”

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Fragile Forest es una canción utilizada para el solo de Kalani en el episodio "Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby".

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Out to the ridge of the greenest hill  I cross your path and I smile until  You go home, You go home 

Oh, fragile forest shine fast your light  And break me down when there's no one else in sight  I find him here in the quietest hour, only here in this hour 

Whisper your secret of trusting spring to come  The green will spread like wildfire, it understands the sun  No question there, no question there 

I ask you blow the memory that I have not quite lived  Pray send it through these trees so that I may sweetly give  All that I am in the calm of a morning, all that I am in the darkness of night 

Deep in these hills are where I intend to stay  I'll live in your moment to breathe in the day  Fair is the air with the thought of you there  So fair the air with the thought of you there

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