n   “I'm Already There”
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Nikko Love
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“I'm Already There”
The Raven
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"I'm Already There" es una canción de 'Nikko Love' utilizada en el solo de Maddie con el mismo nombre,en el episodio "Topless and Showgirls".

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Every moment I share with you I know God heard my prayers Any time you've lost your way I will find you I swear

If your heart ever feels alone And the world doesn't care You don't have to call out to me 'Cause I'm already there

I can hear your voice cry to me And I know that you're scared There's a place where you can dry your tears And I'm already there

Like an angel that follows me Anytime, anywhere There's a love deep inside of me That will always be there

To comfort you And light the way To help you through Your darkest days To keep you warm To keep you safe From any harm To show your grace To lift you up And break your fall To show the world You will go on I'm here to give And watch it all To see you live And have it all

Like an angel that follows you Anytime, anywhere Know my love lives inside of you And will always be there

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