n   “Swim”
Song by
Lori Martini y Cassandra Kubinski
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baile: "Mar abierto / Open Waters"
esta temporada

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"Swim" es una canción de Lori Martini y Cassandra Kubinski.Fue usada en el baile grupal de ALDC en "Clash of the Dance Moms".

Letra Editar

Verso 1:
I can tell you're still testing the water
You don't know how to begin
But this is the moment
You can't hesitate or slow down
Just gotta dive right in
I can see your eyes flood with desire,
And fear that you might capsize
But this is the moment that on you
You can't control it,
So even though you're terrified

Fall with me to the open water
There is no lifeline to climb
The deeper you go swallowed by the undertow
The more you'll fell alive

I'll be there to keep you floating over
and over again
I'll be there to keep you floating
Until you learn to swim
yeah to swim

Verso 2:
I can tell you the truth you're seeking
It's here if you'd let go
Just relax let the waves crash at your back
Give in to the unknown

When you feel that you're not going under,
You'll realize that you are free
Forever together in this beautiful ocean,
Always safe with me

(El coro se repite)

Verso 3:
So let the cool water wash away
The times that you've been burned before
And we'll ride on the tide until we're
back to shore

(El coro se repite)


  • Este baile ocupó el noveno lugar en el top de Abby sobre sus bailes grupales favoritos.

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