n   “Why, Why Not”
Song by
Marie Haddad
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baile: "Porque no Yo"
esta temporada
“Why, Why Not”

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"Why, Why Not" es una canción de Marie Haddad.Fue usada en el baile grupal de el equipo Senior en "Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy".

Letra Editar

I lost my last clear thought
In the whirlwind of his hair
And the speed of my eyes taking
All of him in

He's searching like a child
Who's lost his favorite sound
Strolling like a sheep and tripping
On paved ground

He and I
So much alike
Why, why not
Why not

The hands
Touch on the clock
Than I ever thought

Crossed lines
On a map
Like us
They've overlapped

Why, why not
Why, why not
Why, why not

Lonely is as lonely has been
He gives me something to believe in
I can see better now that it's dark
Strolling like a kid who's counting stars

He and I
So much alike
Why, why not
Why, why not
Why, why not

He and I
So much alike

Trivia Editar

  • Este baile ocupó el Quinto Lugar en el Top de Bailes grupales de Abby.

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